Ashley Duncan

    Certified Personal Trainer and Macro Coach

    Most of my adult life I have struggled with body image and how I perceived myself.

    Since high school, I was that girl trying countless diets, spent HOURS on cardio machines and bought all the new and innovative equipment to try and help me reach my “ideal” body goals.

    Eventually I would reach my goals but, within months, I’d loose motivation and find myself right where I started: gaining all the weight back and dreading the thought of a gym. I would continue to repeat this never ending cycle until after I had my first baby.

    One year postpartum, I decided enough was enough! I hired an online trainer that gave me a routine I fell IN. LOVE. WITH.

    I finally found that spark for working out again and because of that, the results started to show and STAY!

    I began to truly enjoy the process and found a new passion with exercise. 

    Today, I am now a NASM certified personal trainer, certified performance nutrition coach and a body builder competitor. 

    To finally live out my passion and help others succeed in becoming the best version of themselves is an absolute dream come true!

      Amanda Treon

      Professional Macro Coach

      Amanda comes with 7 years of experience with macronutrient nutrition. She is an advanced practice nurse in women’s health and has competed in both crossfit and bodybuilding.

      Amanda is also certified in sports performance nutrition and is a Level 1 Crossfit coach. She is very passionate about helping other people be the best version of themselves.

        John Muennich

        Professional Macro Coach

        John comes with 6 years of experience with macronutrient nutrition. He is certified in sports performance nutrition. John is excited to work with you and helping you learn how to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

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