Macronutrient Coaching

What you get…

  • Custom macro numbers tailored to your body and goals

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Access to coaching app

  • Unlimited communication

  • Access to group chat for support and accountability

  • Food Guide List

  • Recipe Book

  • Live Zoom chats with coaches

AD Training’s philosophy in regard to weight loss is overall health and wellness that is sustainable and MAINTAINABLE!!  We do not promote any specific “diet”.  We promote healthy lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.


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More info about Macronutrient Coaching

What are macronutrients and how does it work?

Macronutrients are a further breakdown of your calories into protein, carbohydrates and fats. As your coach, we will customize your macro numbers to your body and your goals. You will check in every week with your coach, and every week your macronutrient numbers will change.

The program is done in 3 phases.

Phase 1: Reverse Diet

Most people have a difficult time losing weight because their metabolisms are running too slow from years of yo-yo dieting. We need to address this issue first before we can go into any kind of calorie deficit. This is where a reverse diet comes into play. Each week we will increase your food intake by 80 to 100 calories. The goal is to repair your metabolism and get it to run at peak performance. Increasing your calories in a slow and controlled manner will help your metabolism to adjust to the added calories without having any weight gain. Once we get your calories to impressive levels and your metabolism working at its best, we will then move on to phase 2.

Phase 2: Cut

In this phase your calories will be reduced by 300 to 400 calories each week. You will be in a cut between 3 to 5 weeks (this all depends on your body and how high we get your calories from phase 1). The cut phase is very short because we don’t want metabolic adaptation to set in. During this phase is when you will reach your goals and see a noticeable difference in your body composition from fat loss and weight loss.

Phase 3: Reverse to maintenance

After you reach the bottom of your cut you will once again go back into a reverse diet. Your coach will increase your calories weekly and take them back up to the point of maintenance where your metabolism is happy and enjoying more food. Here you will maintain and eat comfortably without gaining all the weight you worked so hard to lose.

How do you keep track of your macronutrients?

You will log and track your food in the MyFitness Pal app. It is crucial to log your food and make a habit out of it because it will help hold you accountable and keep you on track with reaching your daily goals. With this program, there are no meal plans. Our goal for you is to learn what foods work for your body and being able to eat the foods you still love and enjoy; just in moderation. This is how you learn to have a better relationship with food and understand what you are putting into your body so it can become a lifelong commitment and not just a temporary fix.

  • Ashley is phenomenal at helping your create a plan that is geared toward your goals. Her plans have freedom & flexibility while still helping you achieve your goals. She has created an environment in which all clients can connect and build community throughout the process. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and highly recommend.

    Vanessa B.
  • I have absolutely LOVED working with Ashley. She has helped me understand the importance of repairing my metabolism, I am eating more than I ever have and feeling amazing! She is extremely helpful and resourceful when I need ideas to change it up. She has tailored a plan to fit my needs and accomplish my goals.

    Stephanie F.
  • Ashley is very professional and responds quickly! I came to Ashely after months of trying to exercise my way out of a bad diet (which I thought was healthy). I have learned so much about food. The biggest bonus is that I am eating more food than I was before! I have a new relationship with my body. I have more energy and look forward to my workouts. I would have never imagined that in my 40s I would feel this good! I feel like I have my life back! Thank you Ashley!

    Nicole M.
  • I have had the best experience working with Ashley. She is helpful, responsive and motivating. She has kept me accountable and celebrated the small and big victories along the way. I couldn’t have achieved what I have so far without her instruction! I highly recommend!

    Ashley M.
  • Ashley is so knowledgeable. I love the workout plan that she created for me. She tailored the workout around the areas that I really want to improve on at a speed that I can handle as a beginner. Looking forward to my new body!!

    Brandi M.
  • Ashley created an exercise regimen that was tough & practical & took into account my fitness level, strength and time to complete the workouts. She walked me through each exercise, ensured my technique was on par, and ultimately gave me a fitness routine that has been the type of workout I have been craving.

    Rachel B.
  • When focusing on my workouts and weight training -Ashley really pays attention to what your goals are and doesn’t make them her own – she wants to see you succeed and has the empathy to do just that!

    Cassie B., Clinical Nutritionist

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